Depauw University Archives > Inventory (unorganized)

Relevant items located in DePauw Archives as listed by Christianity In China:

  1. Marie Adams papers
  2. Roxy Lefforge papers
  3. Ellen M. Studley† papers
  4. Wilbur Fisk Walker papers
  5. Misc. General holdings
    1. Methodist Church, North China Womanís Conference, Minutes, 1929
    2. Correspondence of the following:

                                                    i.     L. J. Birney, 1923

                                                  ii.     Mary Mann, 1923

                                                iii.     Ruth L. Myers, 1923

                                                iv.     J. Stewart Nagle, 1920

                                                  v.     Ruth Pierce, 1923

                                                vi.     Francis T. Pyke, 1923

                                              vii.     Frederick M. Pyke, 1923

    1. Journal of Wilbur Fisk Walker, 1873-1880, 1891
    2. Autobiographical Sketch by Wilbur Fisk Walker (manuscript)
    3. Various A/V materials: Photos of Catherine Corey, 1890; Grace A Crooks, 1890; Lizzie M. Fisher, 1890; Anna M Gloss, 1880ís; Jennie V. Hughes, 1880ís; Charlotte Jewell, 1880ís; Mary Luella Masters, 1890; Lucy Rider Mayer, 1880ís; Florence Nickerson, 1880ís; Florence Perine, 1880ís; Frederick M. Pyke, 1940; F.M. and Frances Pyke, 1945; Catharine E. Queal, 1880ís; Mary Stone, 1880ís; Lydia A. Trimble, 1880ís; Frances O. Wheeler, 1880ís; Frances O. Wilson, 1893.

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