Depauw University Archives > Inventory of Sources Consulted at DePauw University Archives

Clifton Phillips papers 

Paper on Chinese Students at DePauw University DC 11

1920 Alumni Directory    Lists all students up to 1920; name, home town, degrees received, occupation and employment history, relationship to other alumni, birth, marriage and death dates; indexed.

DePauw University News Bulletin

1928-29 (vols. I-II); Not indexed
DePauw University Bulletin   Nov. 1908 - April 1927
1962 Alumni Directory   Name, address, occupation only; All students living.
The Alumni News     1930-36 (Vols. II-VI); Continuation of DePauw Univ. Bulletin and News Bulletin
The DePauw Alumnus  Continuation of above;  Through 1950
Chapel DPU v.f.   List of Speakers and lectures at DePauw from 1928-31

Mirage: Year books of DePauw Univ., 1898-1903

Lists of all Students incl. Hometown and Credits earned
Marie Adams  Diary of POW experience; Mention (in corres.) of 1950s
DC 471     Effort to collect information on DePauw missionaries
George R. Grose papers  Article: “The Student Strike in China” 8/27/25 Cosmopolitan Club
DPU v.f.   Letters referring to a once active club now defunct; 1938
Mirage 1922 10 Chinese Students; Chinese Students Association
Mirage 1933 1 Chinese Student; No Chinese Student Association
Published materials Various information on Missions in rare books; see BV2070, BX8316, BV3410, etc. [titles?]

Meth Rec v.f.

Various missionary related materials and correspondence
MC 504      Pictures of Missionaries from Midwest to various regions; some short biographies
DC 487-495, 741-742, 821 Guy M. Walker Papers; various related correspondence

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