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"The Shansi Fund." Oberlin Review. (February 4, 1904): 356.

The Shansi Fund.

Last May at the dedicatory services of the Martyrs' Memorial Arch, President King stated that Oberlin would be responsible for the support of a missionary in the Shansi field to take the place of one of the martyrs, as this station is the result of the efforts of Oberlin men entirely. The Arch has already meant much to the Oberlin students, and if the establishment of the Shansi Fund is partly due to the erection of this memorial on our campus, as it surely is, we are thankful that we were favored with this sacred structure.

As was outlined in chapel last Friday, the purpose of this fund is to support an Oberlin representative in China. Other colleges and universities have such representatives and it is entirely fitting that Oberlin should fall in with this great movement. It may not be known to the present student dent body that in 1891-2, a fund was raised, known as the Clark Fund, which supported Cyrus Clark in Japan for several years. Again in 1897-9 the students supported the Anatolia Fund, with Charles C. Tracy as their representative in Anatolia College, Turkey. That the missionary spirit is still here in Oberlin was manifested last week at a special chapel exercise when $1,343.00 were pledged for the Shansi Fund. We are peculiarly fortunate in having such a man as Paul Leaton Corbin as our representative. He is so well known by the students that nothing further, need be said about his being just the right man for the place.

At a joint meeting of the Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. cabinets, presided over by President King some time ago, it was decided to make this fund permanent so that every year in connection with the week of prayer the students will be given an opportunity to subscribe to this cause. The present plan is to have a man out from Oberlin every fourth year so that he may be known by the students, thus giving them a personal interest in the work. It is very probable that the surplus this year will be retained as a reserve to the Shansi Fund, but this, however, will be decided by the Christian Associations.

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