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Elizabeth Chambers 1926

9/18/1928 DPU News Bulletin

New position as secretary to Bishop Grose in Peking

George P. Grose
President of DPU, 1912-24


Ordained Bishop in May 1924; Moves to Peking fall of ’24

Li Ye Chen

3/7/1930 Alumni News Bulletin article on students from orient.

Ping Po Ku 1931

Same; also noted in 1/19/1934 article of same publication

Capt. In north China anti-aircraft regiment as of 1/19/1934 (see Chang ’26)

San To Wu 1931

Same as above.

1/19/1934 describes as “leader in experimental social and educational work conducted by James Yen”

Lawrence Young 1930

Same as above.

1/19/1934 “in the intelligence service of the general staff”

Ching Huan Chau (Chao?) ‘32

Same as above

1/19/1934 Instructor in political science at Northeastern Univ.

Guy M. Walker 1891

Boxes DC 2521-2525 contain his personal, legal, academic, and other papers.

Son of Wilbur Fiske Walker; diplomat, lawyer, and railway exec.  File includes personal corresp. with Sun-Yat Sen

Hubert Liang 1926

Alum vertical file;

4/22/1981 article in The DePauw

Involved in May 4th and other key events.  Prof. of Journalism at various locations in China

Miss Margret Hu

3/719/1930 Alumni News bulletin article

Professor Harold Zink

1/19/1934 Alumni News Bulletin article

On 3wk sabbatical to Peiping

Carl Bishop 1912


Affiliated with Smithsonian.  China art history expert.

Fred Pyke  1906


Methodist teacher and missionary

Mrs. Thomas Breece, 1903


Instructor at Yenching Univ.

Miss Marie Adams 1914

Same; DC 471 is her collection.  See also Hazel Longden, DC 1071

Missionary and teacher

Mrs. Victor Constant 1916


Wife of asst. military attaché of the American legation

W.P. Chang  1926


Colonel. Commander of the anti-aircraft regiment  stationed in north China

W.P. Lee  1931


Captain in same

C. S. Kao at DePauw 1930-31


Teacher in private middle school

Frances Tai 1926 (?)

1926 Mirage

From Kiangsi, China

Horace Yu 1926


From Hunan, China

Dr. Emma Estelle Martin, x1889 (Acad.)

April 1922 DPU Bulletin Alumni News Number article on Pres. Grose’s return from trip

In charge of Woman’s Hospital at Peking

Dr. James H. Pyke 1872


Agnes Pyke 1911


Daughter of above

Mrs. Ruth Pyke Breece, 1903


Daughter of above

Chester A. Pierle, 1909


At Church Indemnity College in Peking

Joyce E. Walker 1914


“music” ?

in Tientsin

Lela E. Nordyke 1917


At Nanking

Byron J. Stansfield, 1914


At Shanghai

William Wirt Lockwood 1898


At Shanghai

Mary Towne Lockwood 1899


At Shanghai

Roxy Lefforge x1920


Teacher in Hua Nang College for Women at Foochow

Mary Mann 1911



Ming Chuan Lui

1899 Year Book [Mirage?]

Grad student at DPU in English and Hebrew. “Ph.B., Peking Univ.” from Tientsin, China


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