Journeys and Encounters:

Religion, Society and the Basel Mission

in North Karnataka 1837-1852

Translations and summaries from published materials in German,

by Jennifer and Paul Jenkins

Largitzenstrasse 19
CH 4056 Basel, Switzerland /

The documents made available here arose from the work of the earliest German and Swiss missionaries of the Basel Mission as they encountered land and people of what is now Northern Karnataka. They were based in Dharwad, Hubli, Gadag-Betgeri and Guledgudd and travelled energetically in these districts, but also made more extensive journeys in an area that stretched as far as Shorapur and Gulbarga. They spoke Kannada, and of particular interest are the discussions they recorded with members of many religious groups, especially Lingayats, the group known as the Kalagnanas, and the followers of the Guru Nudi.

Eight pdf files make up this documentation :

Introduction : Sources, principles of selection, editorial conventions, detailed list of contents, alphabetical table of Basel missionaries in Northern Karnataka 1837-1852.

Section One: 1837-1839

Section Two: 1840-1841

Section Three: 1842

Section Four : [1842] 1845

Section Five : [1845] - 1849

Section Six : [1849] 1852

Section Seven: Engravings showing mission stations and their surroundings,Bettigherry, Malasamudra, c. 1845, based on sketches