Submission Guidelines

Dear participating colleges,

Each institution may pursue varied projects, but we hope you can contribute digitized documents, and/or links to your own site to fill in the various categories designated in this section of the web site. The main goals of the ACCCC project website will be to raise students' consciousness about available resources and to provide a central source for relevant links and documents. We are not expecting the project web site to be a comprehensive digital repository for all relevant documents, but rather hope it will provide core information, sample documents and photographs, and links for further exploration.

Please note that if you prefer not to make even representative samples of your holdings available on the project web site, you could provide a brief summary of material available at your institution and information about how to pursue research. We welcome your suggestions about how this web site could be made most useful to students at your institution. Our evolving web site will constitute a kind of pre-meeting meeting available to all.

As the project develops, we will provide information about digitizing standards and guidelines for submitting material. In the meantime, if you have questions about how to proceed, please contact the Website Coordinator, Martha Smalley.

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The American Context of China's Christian Colleges project is based at Wesleyan University.
For more information, please contact the Project Director or Website Coordinator.

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