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Sample correspondence held by the Oberlin College Archives
NOTE: These files may be large and therefore slow to download

Bartlett, Robert M. "Dear Friends" October 12, 1925
Bohn, W. F. Kung, H. H. January 1, 1922
Cade, Frances J. Davis, Lydia Lord September 26, 1940
Carlson, Ellsworth "Bob" May 6, 1942
Cheney, Gertrude "Dear Mother" August 23, 1933
Corbin, Paul Leaton May 25, 1920
Davis, Lydia Lord Mrs. Lan-Hua Liu Yü October 19, 1936
Fairfield, Wynn C. Bohn, W. F. July 26, 1915
Fairfield, Wynn C. Lightner, E. A. March 30, 1918
Hamlin, E. John and Frances (Cade) Kennedy, Melville T. May 30, 1948
Irwin, Dick Davis, Mrs. Lydia Lord June 21, 1941
Kennedy, Mel "Dear Seniors" September 29, 1941
Kung, H. H. Atwood, Mrs. Irenaeus J. December 17, 1904
Kung, H. H. Bohn, W. F. December 11, 1915
Kung, H. H. Bohn, W. F. April 9, 1918
Kung, H. H. Bohn, W. F. November 12, 1921
Kung, H. H. Bohn, W. Frederick November 26, 1945
Lan-Hua Liu Bohn, Dr. W. F. April 26, 1929
Mickey, M. Portia Bohn, W. F. February 25, 1936
Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association Student Committee September 6,1933
Staub, Albert W. Bohn, W. Fred November 26, 1910
Strong, Robbins February 23, 1935
Student Shansi Committee "Dear Oberlin Friend," January 10, 1918
Student Shansi Committee "Dear Oberlin Graduate," January 15, 1927
Van Meter, Herbert and Josephine "Dear Family" April 29, 1948

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