September 2003 Conference at Wesleyan

"The American Context of China's Christian Colleges"
The Russell House, Wesleyan University
September 5-7, 2003

This conference was sponsored by the Luce Foundation

Friday, Sept. 5
Housekeeping and Welcome by Organizers: Daniel Bays, Calvin College, Ellen
Widmer, Wesleyan University : 1-1:15

Session One--Larger Context: The Impulse, 1:15--3:15, Chair, Phil West,
University of Montana
Helen Horowitz, Smith College, 1:15-2:15 (Keynote), "The Other
Talented Tenth: The Liberal Arts College and the Educated Person in the
Early Twentieth Century"
Terry Lautz,The Luce Foundation, 2:15-2:30, "The Student Volunteer
Movement and the Liberal Arts Ideal"
Commentary:Patricia Hill, Wesleyan University, 2:30-3:15 (also general

Session Two, 3:45-5:45--Larger Context: Interactions. Chair: Ruth Hayhoe,
University of Toronto
Jeffrey Cody, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 3:45-4:15, "American
Geometrics and Christian Campuses in China" Comment: Charles Hayford,
Northwestern U.
Ryan Dunch, University of Alberta, 4:15-4:45, "Renegotiating 'Learning':
Science, Religion, and the Classics in the Texts and
Curricula of Christian Higher Education in China to 1920"
Comment: P. West
Ellen Widmer, Wesleyan University, 4:45-5:15, "The 'Seven Sisters' and
China" Comment: Weili Ye, U. of Mass.-Boston.

Discussion, 5:15-5:45

Reception 6-7, The Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies
Dinner - 7:30, Local Restaurant

Saturday, Sept. 6
Session Three-- Institutions, 9-10:30. Chair, Heidi Ross, Indiana
Dong Wang, Gordon College, 9-9:30, "The China Conversion: Charles K.
Edmunds; from Lingnan to Pomona" Comment: W. Ye
Edward Xu, Fudan University, 9:30-10, "The American Liberal Arts at Saint
John's University" [paper presented by Daniel Bays] Comment, Wen-hsin Yeh,
University of California, Berkeley
Discussion, 10-10:30


Session Four--Fields of Study, 11-12:30. Chair, P. West
Helen Schneider, University of Washington, 11-11:30, "Home Economics and
its American Connections: The case of
Yenching University in the 1920s" Comment: H. Ross.
Alison Conner, University of Hawaii, 11:30-12, "Anglo-American Law at
Soochow" Comment: R. Hayhoe
Discussion, 12-12:30

Lunch --12:30-2

Session Five--Comparative Perspectives, 2-4. Chair, W. Yeh
Ted Widmer, Washington College 2-2:30, "A Different Asian- American
Encounter: Cyrus Hamlin in Turkey, 1839-1971"
Yuko Takahashi, Tsuda College 2:30-3, "A Japanese-American Beginning: Umeko
Tsuda's Bryn Mawr Network and the Founding of Tsuda College"
Commentary and Discussion, 3-4: Richard Elphick, Wesleyan University, John
Paul, Fitchburg State College


Session Six -- School and Nation, 4:30-6. Chair, C. Hayford
Susan Rigdon, University of Illinois, 4:30-5, "National Salvation:
Teaching Civic Duty in China's Christian Colleges" Comment: H. Ross
Liu Jiafeng, Central China Normal University, 5-5:30, "For Ideal or
Benefit? The Postwar Plan for the Christian Colleges in China, 1944-1945"
Comment: R. Hayhoe.
Discussion, 5:30-6

Dinner -- 7, Local Restaurant

Sunday, Sept. 7
Session Seven--Reflections in America, 8:30-10:00. Chair, W. Ye
Dan Waite, UCLA Graduate College of Education, and Peichi Tung Waite,
Harvard Graduate School of Education, 8:30-9, "China's Christian Colleges
and the Founding of the Harvard-Yenching Institute" Comment: W. Yeh.
Kathleen Lodwick, Penn. State University/Lehigh Valley, 9-9:30, "Nanking
Theological Seminary, Its American Board of Founders, and the Wendel Family
Legacy, 1930-1950" Comment: D. Bays
Discussion, 9:30-10


Report on our web site: Martha Smalley, Day Missions Library, Yale
University --1030-11.

Summary Thoughts 11-12. Chair of Session, T. Lautz



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